Full zip hoody is a hoody type blouse with a zip all the way to cover the body and head.
Full Zip Hoody
There are numerous styles of full zip hoody. Hoody for rain, hoody for protection, or simple hoody for cool look.

A hoodie (or hoody), is a hooded sweatshirt. As characteristically distinct design it includes large frontal pockets, a hood, and (sumatimes) with a drawstring adjusting facility for taking down the hood or opening it.

Hoodies are a the great choice for most people in casual settings and it helps for keeping the temperature of the boddy worm and protection against the wind. Many of the American colleges, highschools and universities create their own hoodys with their own logos on them. Hoodyes became more popular after becoming a common dress for exercising outside. Such as running or jogging in the park. Hoodys are a casual dress and in most of the situations are worn over a shirt. In the United States and Canada, hoodys are the most important element of teens today.

Also may be afiliated with an "anorak" or "parka" which is heavy jacket type also with a hood attached, which is also often lined up with fur. This type of jaket helps by protecting against freezing temperatures or blowing wind.